Desmond Cole, a journalist, author, and activist, gained national attention in 2015 when he exposed the racist actions of the Toronto police force in a cover story for Toronto Life magazine. In the story, Cole detailed his personal experiences with the controversial practice of carding, where he had been stopped and interrogated by police dozens of times. His newfound platform allowed him to bring attention to the injustices that Black Canadians face on a daily basis.

Cole's book, "The Skin We're In," provides a comprehensive picture of the systemic inequality that exists in Canada. The book is urgent, controversial, and unflinchingly honest, making it an essential read for those involved in anti-racist and social justice movements. The quotes from the book offer insight into the pervasive effects of white supremacy and the need for allyship in dismantling systems of oppression.

As allies, it is essential to actively and consistently unlearn and re-evaluate our beliefs and behaviors to work towards ending oppressions in solidarity with BIPOC communities who are systemically disempowered. We must commit to lifelong learning and take action to support the fight for racial justice.