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Governance and Leadership

No matter how sound your management practices are and how dynamic your staff is, you are missing opportunities when your board is underperforming.

Becoming A JEDI Workshops

Designed to support your group in growing your capacity to create spaces that promote Access, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (A JEDI). Sessions custom-tailored to your group’s internal culture and coaching to support your journey to better DEI practices and norms.

Individual Coaching

Whether you are an established professional, a recent college graduate, or maybe you are not a college graduate; I can help you to create an aggressive, proactive strategy to help you reach your goal. You don’t have to be wealthy to receive expert career guidance.

Systems and Infrastructure

Would you like to incorporate new tools, systems, or changes within your organization? if so, I can help. Having the right tools and structures will magnify your organization’s productivity. 

Thought Partner

Sometimes we are not sure what would be the best solution to the problem we are facing. We can solve it together. 

Assessment and Evaluation

Data by itself means nothing; it’s the stories you tell with your data that move the hearts of your donors and stakeholders. Optimize your data collection to tell better stories about the work your organization is doing.