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Nonprofit Resources during COVID-19

Nonprofit Resources during COVID-19

In the throes of the global COVID-19 pandemic, organizations everywhere are feeling the effects of the economic devastation wrought by isolation measures, business shutdowns, travel bans, and markets crashing.  To assist their leaders, we have worked on pulling COVID-19 resources for nonprofits.


There is a lot of fake news out there. This being the information age, there is also a lot of misinformation around. But for legitimate and up to date facts on COVID-19; how to prevent it, how it spreads and everything else you need to stay informed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on is about as reliable a source as you are likely to get. 


Another reliable and educated source of information for all things COVID-19-related, is the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO curates information from a global network of healthcare professionals via their web portal on


The Nonprofit Risk Management Center offers a variety of services to nonprofits, including workplace safety services, fiscal oversight and fraud protection, and governance assistance. Visit their website on


Bridgespan has set up a page for nonprofits as an easy reference guide to helpful resources such as various regional non-profit councils, educational resources, funder responses, and social distancing guidelines, to help ease the burden. 


The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is a nonprofit organization that was established specifically to help donors maximize the effectiveness of their funds in the event of a disaster – which COVID-19 certainly is.  And while this may not necessarily be relevant to other nonprofits, their website is a valuable resource for reading material and case studies that could provide helpful insight on navigating the current crisis. 


The HBR is a great source for articles like this one and more that are helpful for employers seeking to manage the coronavirus pandemic in the workplace. In the wake of the pandemic, HBR has set up an Coronavirus Insight Center, which collects informative articles and thought leadership about the situation. 


The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), an arm of the United States Department of Labor, offers regularly updated information for employers and staff about the ever-changing state of COVID-19. The site also includes resources that guide on preventative measures that can be implemented in the workplace. Visit their site on


The Council of Nonprofits remains an invaluable hub for information on updated policies, trends and highly relevant material relating to the COVID-19 outbreak. Visit their site for advocacy resources and useful material like this, to stay informed about the ever-changing nonprofit landscape.  

Funding Opportunities for Nonprofit Organizations

Support for Bereavement Programs Serving Children and Youth
The goal of Grief Reach, administered by the National Alliance for Grieving Children with funding from the New York Life Foundation, is to provide support for bereavement programs in order to expand their reach to underserved youth under the age of 25.

Efforts to Help Senior Dogs Funded
The Grey Muzzle Organization provides grants to nonprofit organizations for programs designed to improve the lives of at-risk senior dogs.

Grants Strengthen Landscape Conservation Partnerships
The Landscape Conservation Catalyst Fund, an initiative of the Network for Landscape Conservation, is intended to help accelerate the pace of landscape conservation nonprofits.

Projects to Implement SEL Initiatives in Schools Supported
The SEL in Action Awards, a partnership of the NoVo Foundation with Education First and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, aims to seed projects that foster social and emotional competencies in students in grades pre-K-12.